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Yet again the TCA are warning consumers about more unscrupulous legal companies popping up trying to convince clients to part with money for a fictious court case against their timeshare resort.

Litigalo Lawyers were apparently founded by Emilio Marrolat Folmaz and claim to be legally registered in Spain and the Canary Islands, however when we checked the “company number A33397941” on the business registration checker official site, www.icatf.es it is not recognised.

On checking their website, Litigalo.com, we were somewhat confused and extremely concerned by the photo of their resident lawyer which they have titled as Emilio Marrolat Folmaz, their founder, who bears uncanny resemblance to Eduardo Barcesat who is a famous Human Rights defender and Constitutional Lawyer from Argentina.

Here are the 2 photos – one of Emilio Marrolat Folmaz, on the top, from Litigalo Lawyers and the one on the bottom is the esteemed Eduardo Barcesat.
You could be forgiven for thinking that they are just similar looking, however on close inspection Mr Folmaz has decorated his office the same as the renowned Mr Barcesat, even down to the same books in the same places on the shelves and wearing the same clothes! Now we all know the famous saying that imitation is the best form of flattery, however there is a more appropriate quote for this particular example “Imitation might be the highest form of flattery, but it reflects the lowest level of intelligence and imagination”.

Since the Spanish Supreme Court ruling in 2015 more and more of these companies are appearing offering to assist unsuspecting timeshare owners to exit from their onerous timeshare, points floating time and fractional agreements.

Normally the format that these companies follow is to explain that there is a nominal fee to pay, usually for administration and then nothing to pay until it goes to court. Following this the clients are informed that the case has been successful, and they have been awarded a large sum of money for compensation, all the client must do is pay a massive bill, sometimes in excess of €6000, to cover the court costs and taxes. The truth is something completely different, the case has not been to court and the ´lawyers´ have merely waited what appears to be an acceptable length of time before hitting the clients with the bill in the hope that the clients will pay.

These ´lawyers‘ will be calling and trying to dupe you from the following phone numbers and email address so please take note of them 0800 862 0281, 0034 822 684 561, litigaloukclaims@consultant.com, litigalo@consultant.com and beware.

Please get in touch with us if you have any concerns about a company that has contacted you or if you would just like some advice and we will hopefully assist you all we can. Our contact details are shown below.

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