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ABC Lawyers Ltd announces the purchase of Tuloca Ltd, in win for former Justice4 clients

7th August 2017
  •  ABC Lawyers Ltd completes the deal to purchase Tuloca Ltd on 7 August 2017
  • Announcement brings new hope to thousands of former Justice4 clients
  • Significant investment to support clients in exiting their timeshares and claim compensation

ABC Lawyers Ltd has announced the purchase of Tuloca Ltd.  The timeshare legal experts have acquired the Tuloca and Hello Consulting brands, in order to make their expertise available to Justice4 clients.

“We’re delighted to announce that ABC Lawyers Ltd has purchased Tuloca Ltd.  As of 7 August 2017, all aspects of Tuloca Ltd’s business – including services for Justice4 clients – will be handled by ABC Lawyers.  We are continually investing in securing a better future for the thousands of unhappy timeshare owners who are seeking to exit their ownerships, as well as those seeking compensation for unfair timeshare contracts and/or miss selling.”

 Mark Rowe, Managing Director, Advanced Business Consultants Legal SL

Justice4 Ltd supported many clients to successfully exit from timeshare resorts such as Silverpoint, Diamond, MacDonald and Club La Costa during its three and a half years of operation. The company eventually ran into funding difficulties compounded, in part, by untrue and defamatory content that a competitor posted online.  The impact of this unsubstantiated content was huge, and played a key role in Justice4 going into liquidation – at which point the competitor promptly tried to purchase the assets, revealing the long-term strategy behind the lies it was spreading.

Instead, Justice4 was purchased by Tuloca Ltd, which ran the company for a brief period before consulting with ABC Lawyers over its sale.  The fit with ABC Lawyers’s work could not have been closer and the market leaders were delighted to bring Tuloca Ltd into their group.

“ABC Lawyers Ltd is going from strength to strength with this new purchase.  We have already successfully helped exit over 4,188 unwanted timeshares and ownerships.  Our latest successful compensation claimant received £21,160 directly from the resort into their bank account.  We look forward to replicating this success for former Justice4 clients.”

Current or former clients of Justice4 Ltd or Tuloca Ltd are invited to call the ABC Lawyers 24-hour dedicated hotline on 0800 046 5634 for further information and support.

For more information, email or call 0800 066 3047 to speak to a member of the ABC Lawyers team.