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Yet another Anfi timeshare compensation claim has been successfully won at the Supreme Court. The owner of a mis-sold Anfi timeshare contract has successfully won their case over their illegal timeshare contract with the company.

About The Anfi Timeshare Compensation Case

The plaintiff had a floating contract with Anfi, which was an ‘in perpetuity’ timeshare contract. These contracts are illegal under timeshare law. The triumphant outcome of the case was applauded by other Anfi timeshare owners who have fought vigorously with the company over similar illegal timeshare contracts.

The successful claimant received over €45,000 in timeshare compensation from Anfi, plus the possibility of additional funds such as regaining legal fees and to cover interest on payments made.

The Spanish Courts have had no other option but to reprimand Anfi for its illegal practices against its owners on the grounds of using fraudulent timeshare contracts when owners had applied for the floating week option.

In addition, the Courts ordered the timeshare firm to refund double the monies deducted for the deposits to its rightful owner. This Anfi timeshare compensation ruling is a real milestone for thousands of Anfi’s timeshare owners, offering them real hope for a positive outcome to their timeshare compensation claims.

Floating timeshares, in particular, have received a lot of bad press from the media recently. A lot of owners found they had unwittingly agreed to pay hefty yearly fees that were supposed to continue after they had died, and were expected to pass on to their timeshare to their children or heirs.

According to The Timeshare Consumer Association (TCA), of the 850,000 timeshare arrangements in Europe, 30 per cent of owners are in dispute with providers, with many unwilling to give refunds.

With this sobering statistic in mind, the ramifications could turn out to be costly for timeshare companies are failing to comply with industry rules and regulations. Going back to the Anfi timeshare compensation case, 2016 will be an expensive year for the company. As one source mentions, it is strongly hoped that the existing owners are not going to pay the price for Anfi’s mistakes.


What should you do if you’re a victim of timeshare fraud? If you feel that you should be compensated, we recommend you read our timeshare compensation pointers. Alternatively feel free to contact us about your situation, and we will be happy to help.