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Beware FHA Marketing Cold Calling Scams

It has come to our attention that a company called FHA Marketing are cold calling Timeshare owners offering compensation for their mis-sold Timeshare. However, this company seems to be a scam.

When researching the company, there is no trace of an address on their website and the only contact information is a UK telephone number. There is no company house registration number on the website and there is no record of a company with this name found registered. When calling the number, staff at the organisation were unable to provide any clarification as they were a call centre, any reputable company would be able to provide this information upon request.The website has only been registered since the 15th March 2017 and there is no way of finding out who owns the site due to a hidden registrant.

Emails sent to potential customers state that they are working with legal teams across the UK who are seeking compensation claims for clients who have been mis-sold their Timeshare and also provide information about the court ruling which is making this possible. They state that their claim assessors based in Redditch, will gather all the information for a no win no fee claim and if successful will work on a 30% commission rate. They also have an office in Manchester which adds to the suspicion that they may be affiliated to RSB Legal, who are known to invite customers in to discuss a ‘no win no fee’ claim but ask for upfront fees once in the meeting.

Since the Spanish Supreme Court ruling declared that a Timeshare can only be sold for a period of 3 – 50 years, the most common ground for claiming a mis-sold timeshare is ‘perpetuity’ making your timeshare contract null and void. FHA Marketing is claiming that if they are successful in winning your compensation claim, you will still own your Timeshare and be able to use the property. This indicates that they going down a section 75 legal route which can be extremely difficult to win as the credit card company quite rightly claim that as the customer has received the goods and services that they have paid for, there is no claim.

If you get a cold call from FHA Marketing please be cautious in falling for their claims. To seek advice on your Timeshare, please get in touch with our team of expert timeshare lawyers, who will be able to discuss and take you through your timeshare rights and how to proceed.