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Here at, we hear from many timeshare owners how they were misled when it came to buying their timeshare. They believe the sales representatives working for the timeshare companies used unscrupulous tactics to pressure them into making the purchase.

More and more timeshare owners are coming out of the woodwork after seeing reports in the press about timeshare owners taking companies to court and winning. Timeshare companies are coming under scrutiny all over the world due unethical sales methods and contracts, including illegal clauses.

Timeshare Presentations

Some of the unscrupulous methods used by the timeshare companies are the techniques used in the timeshare presentations. Potential buyers are convinced to go to a short presentation about timeshare but once there, this ‘short’ presentation turns in being kept for many hours. Some people have reported that the only refreshment on offer during this presentation was alcohol, used to impair the judgment of the buyer.

Other sales tactics used included consumers being led to believe that buying timeshare would be an investment for the future, for themselves and their families. A lot of people have also reported that they were forced into signing for timeshare when they weren’t given time to think about things or didn’t fully comprehend what they were getting themselves into.

Burden Of Proof

Unfortunately, proving that the timeshare owner didn’t fully understand the contents of the agreement that they were signing can be difficult (but not impossible), while contracts including illegal clauses are much easier to deal with. Either way, we strongly recommend you seek assistance from a timeshare professional to help you to exit from your timeshare and to find out if there is a chance of receiving any compensation. A timeshare expert will be fully conversed with all aspects of timeshare law and know the best way to proceed.

‘In Perpetuity’ Contracts

Contracts signed ‘in perpetuity’ are now deemed illegal as the European Directive states that no contract can be for longer than 50 years. So for any timeshare owners that have contracts that don’t contain an end date or are for longer than 50 years, these contracts can be deemed null and void by the courts.

Cooling-Off Periods

The European Directive also states that all contracts must have a cooling off period. This is generally a minimum of 14 days but can be longer upon agreement. No monies should be paid to the timeshare company during this time. If you did pay anything during the cooling off period, this is also something that can make exiting your timeshare easier. In these circumstances, you may also be entitled to receive any money paid as refunded. There are even cases where people have received double the amount paid in timeshare compensation.

Unhelpful Timeshare Companies

Some timeshare owners have reported that they went directly to their timeshare company to try and rid themselves of the burden of timeshare and found the timeshare company to be no help at all. There have been instances where the timeshare companies have convinced unhappy timeshare owners to part with even more money for a ‘better’ deal.

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