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Are you eligible for compensation?

Spanish, Canary Islands & Balearics timeshare contracts.

Certain timeshare contracts entered into after 5th January 1999 are illegal and we can claim compensation for you in this case.

A recent Spanish Supreme Court decision ruled that, if you bought a Spanish timeshare, you may be able to get your contract cancelled and get ALL your money back. You are entitled to claim double the amount of any payment(s) you made within 3 months of signing the timeshare contract.

As Spanish law now has dictated that certain contracts are illegal, the law states that any and all monies paid in connection with that contract must be repaid – which also includes all maintenance fees.

So, if you bought a timeshare for £10,000 in 2004 and paid all the money within three months of signing the contract – and you’ve paid, say, £4,000 in maintenance fees – then your claim would be for £24,000.  That’s double the £10,000 purchase price plus £4,000 of maintenance fees.

Also you can claim for interest from the date of us registering your claim with the Courts in Spain, and for most of your legal fees.

The above law applies to:

Any timeshare contract for a period of more than 50 years;

Any timeshare contract for Floating Weeks;

Any Timeshare contract for Points.

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