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The Attorney General of the State of Arizona has ordered Diamond Resorts to pay the State a total of $800,000. Of this sum, $650,000 is to go directly to compensate timeshare consumers, whilst the remainder is to pay the State attorney’s fees and legal costs on the case. This Diamond Resorts compensation claim is just one of many cases coming up against the timeshare company recently, and this victory is excellent news for all those who feel they’ve been conned by the company.

In addition to the substantial Diamond Resorts compensation that the claimants have been awarded, qualifying consumers who now wish to relinquish their Diamond Resorts timeshare have been told they can now legally do so with no further obligations. In order to meet the criteria to qualify for this relinquishment, consumers must:

  1. No longer want their timeshare,
  2. Have purchased the timeshare between 2011 and January 22nd 2017,
  3. File a complaint with the Attorney General’s office before the end of April this year (within 120 days of the Court signing the order).

The case came in response to thousands of complaints by consumers against Diamond Resorts. These complaints centred around deceptive sales tactics used by Diamond Resorts, as well as many false statements and misrepresentations made during Diamond Resorts timeshare presentations.

The Court upheld the following as misrepresentations made by Diamond Resorts:

Information about annual increases in maintenance fees;

Information about the availability to rent timeshare holidays with Diamond Resorts;

Information about the timeshare membership resale market;

Information about reselling membership and buy-back programs;

Information about discounts on other travel needs.

It was found that, due to all of the above, Diamond Resorts had violated Arizona’s Consumer Fraud Act.

As a result of the Court ruling against them, Diamond Resorts have been forced to alter their presentations and sales practices. They must also make detailed admissions during those timeshare presentations.

This case in the US may feel a long way from home. But if you feel that any of the above apply to you, whether you have a timeshare with Diamond Resorts or someone else, it’s a good idea to get in touch with us.
There are so many cases like this being ruled in favour of people like you, and increasingly so over the last year. There’s therefore a good chance we’ll be able to help you reach a successful conclusion to your timeshare problem.