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Many timeshare owners have had to sit through grilling timeshare presentations, for hours on end, missing out on their holiday time and spending thousands of pounds for their timeshare ownerships.

There have been so many horror stories where timeshare owners say that they have been held captive until they have agreed to sign their contract and pay for what they have bought there and then. These stories are what put timeshare owners off visiting their resort sales office each time they go on holiday.

Times have changed, people no longer agree to sit in an office for hours being pressured into buying more and more timeshare. Timeshare sales reps have had to change their tactics, learn to be less aggressive and have a more customer friendly approach.

Even if the sales presentations have become more bearable, it can still be a hard sale as they still need to make their money, and people have learnt not to be so hasty when handing over payment for a timeshare product that might not work.

Timeshare.lawyer have a team of Advisors who are able to help you exit your timeshare contact so there is no longer any need for you to sit through any more gruelling sales presentations year after year on your holidays.

The Legal Support Advisors at Timeshare.lawyer can deal with your questions and queries all over the telephone, while you are in the comfort of your own home. They will call and make an appointment at a convenient time for you, and any other owners that might be on your deeds. We know how disturbing and inconvenient it can be to receive phone calls in the middle of the day when you are going about your daily routines.

Not only is it convenient for you to speak with someone when you have the time, but you also know before you hand over any of your ownership details, who it is that you are dealing with. This is a very important point. Many timeshare exit companies cold call their clients, ask for over the phone payments, put nothing in writing and do nothing about it after payment has been received.

How Timeshare.lawyer work:

For Timeshare.lawyer to contact you, you would have to firstly get in touch with us, we do not cold call our clients. Once we have spoken to you over the telephone, and you are happy to book a consultation, you will receive a confirmation email with the time and date of your telephone consultation appointment. Our Advisors do ask for all members who are named on the deeds to be there at the time of the call, with as much paperwork as you may have, to go through what it is you own and what your options are.

Unlike other timeshare exit companies, Timeshare.lawyer do not ask for payment until your exit has been completed. This way you can never feel like you have paid for something that hasn’t been done.

Based on past experience, Timeshare.lawyer have exited clients timeshare contracts within 8 weeks, sometimes less. Once we know that your timeshare has been exited, you will receive a certificate to state that your exit has been successfully completed.

We can happily say that our clients find this approach very helpful and easy for them.

If you are thinking about exiting your timeshare contract, please remember not to pay any monies over the telephone, if you are asked to do so then you could be dealing with a scam company.
Contact Timeshare.lawyer on 0800 0239 032 or visit our website: www.Timeshare.lawyer and let us do the work for you, without even having to attend a meeting.

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