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Holidays are one of the most rewarding times that we have, spending time with our nearest and dearest, quality times that become our memories in the future. The last thing that we want, is to feel stressed about the availability, booking flights on certain dates, or returning to a place we’d rather give a miss this year. We have compiled a list of the five most annoying things when it comes to timeshare:

1. Ever increasing maintenance

Have you noticed the increase in your maintenance fees every year? Are they becoming too stretched to cover? You are not alone! There are many timeshare owners that have noticed their maintenance charges increase year on year. Some so much that the owner could probably find a similar holiday for the same price as the maintenance they are paying for a unit they seemingly own time in. The resort may not even be as well maintained as it once was, and you are left wondering why you are paying all that maintenance. Unfortunately, this has happened in a lot of resorts where there are less owners than there used to be, so the ones that still own end up paying for more than their fair share.

2. No flexibility of travel dates

The knowledge that you have your dates fixed each year and only have to worry about your flights may keep your mind at rest. However, there may be times that the week that you own may not be suitable. You could try and swap your week, exchange it, or rent it out, but when it comes to any of these options, it can be quite a lot of work on your behalf and may not always be successful. Leaving you to pay the maintenance without being able to use your property. You may still go on holiday somewhere else, ending up costing you double.

3. Upkeep of resort is not what it once was

This has become a common complaint in older resorts, which once were being maintained to the highest of standards. However, as owners dwindle in resorts, so does the upkeep of them. There are some resorts that have lost quite a few of their timeshare owners and their maintenance input. The age of the resort itself can also be a factor, the pot of maintenance money is spent on the structural upkeep rather than the grounds and the facilities. You can request a maintenance report from the administrators so that you can check you agree with the way it is being spent.

4. Bored of visiting the same places each year

Maybe you are sick of the sight of the same resort, the same local restaurants and bars in the area, it has become home from home rather than the exciting holiday location that it used to be. You could choose to join a Timeshare exchange program; however, a lot of owners complain about exchange programs once they have given up their physical unit. Be sure you look at all the reservation details and read other exchange members reviews before exchanging your timeshare. It could end up being more of a burden than your timeshare.

5. Sick of pressurised sales pitches

You are all familiar with the ‘Welcome Meeting’ or the ‘Door Knocks’ while staying at your resort. This is the resort in which you have invested a lot of money to enjoy your holidays and be able to relax. However, when you first purchased your unit, you were not made aware that every holiday you went on going forward you would be subject to a pressurised sales meeting, or a sales pitch in the welcome meeting as you arrive at the resort. If you still do not purchase another of the products, you may well find the sales people start to knock on your door during your stay.

These are all fair reasons to want to try something a little different, a new location, different people, exciting new adventures. How is it possible to do this when your timeshare is sitting there eating up your holiday fund every year.

At Timeshare Lawyer our experienced Legal Support Advisors hear of these pressures of Timeshare holidays daily. They can advise what your options are with your timeshare, they will also consider your personal situation, and what it is you are looking to get from your future holidays. It may be that joining an exchange program is the best route for you, or you could be desperate to exit your timeshare so that you can spend your hard-earned money on the package holidays you have been casting your eye over.

Whichever path you decide to venture down, the advisors at are ready to help. Call us on 0800 0239 032 to discuss your options today.

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