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So your timeshare is under new management? Well, this could go either way; it could be a blessing or a curse. If the new management turns out to be better than the previous, then you may stand to gain. On the other hand, things might get a whole lot worse.

It was the latter that happened recently at the Los Claveles resort in Tenerife. The resort was taken over by a company called Onagrup, without the authorisation of any of the present timeshare holders at the resort.

On 13th May 2017, police were called to the resort on reports that the new management were being forceful with some of the elderly, long-term timeshare holders. It seems that these timeshare holders had arrived at the resort only to find that they were being refused entry by Onagrup. The shocking situation was driven by demands from the new management that payment of maintenance fees should be received before the holders could even set foot through the door. This, in spite of the fact that the holders’ maintenance was paid up to date!

A massive kerfuffle took place in the car park, led by Mrs Parkinson, a long-term timeshare holder at the resort and president of the resort’s owners’ club, along with national police.

Eventually, the timeshare holders were allowed into their units, but were understandably furious about their treatment at the hands of Onagrup. Things had reportedly been fine all the time that the previous management company, Wimpen, had been in control, so this incident came as a surprise shock for the group of timeshare holders who were simply looking forward to their usual timeshare holiday.

Though things can go nasty after a timeshare resort comes under new management, as in the case of the Los Claveles resort, it’s not always the case.

You may find that the old management are being ousted because of issues you and other timeshare holders at the resort have encountered. If this is the case, the new management may be a breath of fresh air and make your timeshare a much more positive experience.

However, if the opposite is the case, then rest assured that you do have rights. If your timeshare is under new management and you are unhappy with the resort, please get in touch with Timeshare.lawyer. We will be able to advise you as to your rights and what can be done, and if you need to take things further, we will always be more than willing to help.