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how we help offers legal support and legal information to all timeshare owners.

The minute that you sign up to our timeshare cancellation service you needn’t pay any more management/maintenance fees (or any overdue fees).

Note: you may still be responsible for any private loan/finance that you may have taken out for the purchase of your timeshare. Please contact us for further advice on this subject.

From start to finish, your timeshare contract cancellation will take an average of 7 weeks. Some are quicker, some longer. There are dozens of legal steps that are taken to bring about the end to your timeshare responsibilities. We will keep you informed as things progress.

We will help you to exit your timeshare contract. By “exit” we mean one of
two things, either:

a) an agreement with the timeshare resort under which your timeshare contract is terminated on terms you approve in advance;


b) receipt by you of a letter from one of the timeshare exit legal specialists with whom we work stating that it considers that, in all of the circumstances, including the legal context and any legal notices served, that the timeshare resort owner is likely to treat the timeshare contract in effect as if it had been terminated (though in fact it has not been formally terminated) and that in its opinion the timeshare resort owner is unlikely to take any legal action against you.

Very important: We cannot guarantee that an exit will be achieved. This will depend, amongst other things, on whether there are legal grounds to terminate the timeshare contract. Also, even if there is an exit based on the specialist letter, we cannot entirely rule out the possibility that the timeshare resort will not sue you thereafter. However, you may be able to obtain indemnification against this happening. Please ask us about this.

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