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Three Illegal Timeshare Contracts Nullified In Spanish Court

Since the Spanish Supreme Court rulings, the wins against null and void timeshare contracts keep increasing. In the past week, there have been three wins for timeshare owners against their resorts in Spain.

The Timeshare Wins

Two cases have been won against Anfi Sales SL in Gran Canaria due to contracts purchased in perpetuity, meaning the contract lasted longer than 50 years, and one of the contracts contained floating weeks which have also been deemed unlawful by the Supreme Court. Therefore, both contracts have been cancelled as ‘null and void’. The timeshare owners in these cases not only won back their original investment but also their legal fees and interest. The ex- timeshare owners are now due to receive huge sums of €32,413 and €23,201 in total.

The third case was won against Silverpoint SL in Tenerife. They have also been found guilty of illegal timeshare contracts due to perpetuity and floating weeks making the contracts null and void. In this case, the client has won back £21,000 as well as the legal costs and interest.

What Should You Do?

These cases have started a roll on effect across timeshare resorts in Spain and we can expect to see a lot more cases of illegal timeshare contracts being won in court. For Timeshare owners who are not sure if they are eligible for a claim, these cases are great news. If you purchased your timeshare after 1999, and if the contract contains floating weeks or an indefinite timeframe, you may be able to make a similar claim against your resort.

If you think you are under an illegal timeshare contract, then it’s important to get in touch with us at Timeshare.Lawyer. There is a strong possibility that your contract could be null and void, and therefore eligible for compensation. Where the contract is ruled illegal, it is also likely that your legal fees will be paid as part of the settlement, so it really is in your best interests to seek advice and get justice.