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Information security and online privacy are becoming increasingly hot topics. For most of people, these subjects mean making sure that their Facebook photos aren’t seen by anyone they shouldn’t be, but for others, keeping your details private has very different connotations.

“Timeshare Compensation recently sent some information to an individual who submitted her details through our website. She wrote back asking which site we had got her details from and which IP address was used to access the site. Thinking nothing of it, we wrote back with as much information as we were able to provide.”

Jodi Beard, Marketing Director, Timeshare Compensation

Two weeks after the interaction, Timeshare Compensation heard back from the client. An ex-partner had been submitting her details to thousands of companies as part of a malicious campaign. Of the hundreds of companies she contacted to try and establish how they had got her information, only a couple took the time to write back.

The case has echoes of the recent prosecution of 24-year-old Ryan Lin from Newton, Massachusetts in the USA. Lin’s cyberbullying campaign included spoofing emails and sharing details of his victim’s personal life, from her photographs to her medical history. He also signed her up for a range of specialist adult services, which resulted in individuals coming to her home expecting a series of extreme ‘encounters.’ The victim was eventually forced to move house.

“While such situations are thankfully still rare, they highlight the difficulty for the victim of accessing support and stopping the malicious activity from taking place. Companies need to do all they can to help people who have been put in this situation by keeping appropriate records that can be shared with the authorities should that be required.”

Jodi Beard, Marketing Director, Timeshare Compensation

Online harassment is a rapidly growing problem. Refinery29 reported that 47% of the 3,000 Americans they surveyed reported experiencing some form of online abuse or harassment. For those aged 18-29, the figure rose to 65%.

“We live in an age where personal information has become a commodity. The impact that the misuse of such information can have on an individual is profound. Companies have a social responsibility to ensure that they are not part of the problem, but part of the solution. Raising awareness of this type of crime is part of that process.”

Mark Rowe, Managing Director, ABC Lawyers

Timeshare Compensation has provided the necessary information to support the individual in question in her campaign for justice. The experience has highlighted the value of dealing personally and appropriately with every enquiry that the company receives. It’s an approach that the timeshare industry as a whole would do well to emulate!

For victims there is little guidance on how to deal with this type of harassment as there is little physical interaction and hard to prove. The police’s minimum requirement is that the victim must prove two consecutive, recent incidents coming from the same IP, which can be traced back to an address.

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