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Do you dread this time of year? Approaching Christmas, when you would prefer to be spending your well earned money on your loved ones rather than paying a lump sum of money to your timeshare resort.  Some have not even used their timeshare resort in years but pay this ever increasing fee every year with the fear that they will end up with bad credit.

A lot of you may have, at some point or another, tried to leave your resort.  There may be endless reasons for this, but one we come across all too often is the squeeze of the purse strings when it comes to paying the maintenance bill.  There are a lot of resorts now, that rent out timeshare units on the open online holiday market. . . to anyone.  You were sold an exclusive, well maintained, peaceful holiday haven that you could return to every year.  However, there are more and more resorts renting out empty weeks to the open public . . and all too often at a discounted rate.  So, these holiday makers are getting a better deal than the owners, as they didn’t pay out for the luxury of this exclusive resort in the first place and more often than not, their week in luxury costs less than your yearly maintenance fee.

So, what are your options if you no longer feel special at your resort?

Well, not many we are afraid to say! You can either keep paying your maintenance and use your timeshare every year so that you get something for your money spent. 

You can stop paying maintenance altogether and face threatening court letters from your resort, who you already feel deceived by;  yes, the resort was very friendly when the timeshare was working for you, but they are not so sympathetic when the maintenance fees are not being paid.

Or, last of all, you can rescind your timeshare.  Again, most resorts make this a very difficult thing to do.  Normally at a large cost whilst often presenting a further contract for you to sign stating that you will never be able to take any proceedings against them, in the event that you feel that you were mis-sold.  So, we would recommend, if you are going to go down the route of exiting your timeshare, that you do your research and choose a company that specialises in Timeshare Exits.

If you are dreading that invoice landing on your doormat; why not give us a call at Timeshare Consumer Association to find out what options you have with your resort?