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Mr & Mrs Afonso, Reviewd by Amanda

Mr & Mrs Afonso had been trying to exit their timeshare for four years with ITRA (International Timeshare Refund Action), they were made to pay a lot of money upfront and were told to go to various offices to sort paperwork and other legalities out themselves. The couple were at their wits end when they spoke to me, they didn’t want to pay any more money for an exit service and were totally fed up. I explained that if they took on our services, they wouldn’t have to travel to any offices, there would be no upfront fees, however, they would have to pay us a fee once we achieved their timeshare exit for them.
The fact that they had already been swindled by another company, made me feel angry. I went through the full process that we use, slowly and thoroughly with them, and let them know exactly how we work, whilst answering all of their questions. After having gone through everything they had experienced with ITRA, they were surprisingly very pleasant and polite. Once they found out that we could take their case, we were all very relieved, as we can’t always help everyone. Not only was I here to help them, but they would also have their Legal Liaison Officer, who would notify them of everything step by step. Once I heard that we had managed to achieve a successful exit for them, after all of the hassle they had experienced, I was so happy to know that I had managed to help them out.