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One of the biggest reasons people bought timeshare was because it meant that the annual holiday was pre-planned year after year. By paying your initial payment and continuing maintenance fees you are able to go to your timeshare unit year after year without the stress of searching online or in travel agents for your perfect getaway. The only thing you had to do was arrange your flights.

That may not have been too much of a hassle to begin with, but even ‘budget’ airlines are consistently increasing the prices of their flights. With the ever-fluctuating exchange rate, it’s not just flights and spending money that are affected. Maintenance fees that generally increases on a yearly basis may also increase further with the unstable pound.

Flight Costs Make Timeshare Less Economical

There are so many ‘budget’ airlines to choose from today, with a lot of them flying from most of the UK’s big airports. You can generally choose from Ryanair, Jet2, Easyjet and even TUI and Thomas Cook offer flight-only deals.

When you start searching for the best flights, timeshare owners are already more restricted than people looking for a holiday. General holidaymakers, more often than not, have more flexibility when it comes to going away, whereas timeshare owners have to travel on specific dates. Even if the day before is significantly cheaper to fly, being a timeshare owner means if you want to take advantage of that great deal you will have to find accommodation elsewhere for the extra night. Taking everything into account, it is then likely to be more expensive to grab the deal on offer.

Flight prices can change on a daily, and even hourly, basis. This is to encourage the consumer to purchase the flight as soon as possible. Flight companies know that nobody wants to miss out on ‘rock bottom’ prices.

Even if you are lucky enough to get a great price for your flights on the days that you need to travel, you then have to start considering all the hidden extras that these ‘budget’ airlines then charge you for. It’s not as simple as just booking the flight, you need to think about all the chargeable extras, such as – do you want to guarantee that all your travelling party are able to sit together? Will you need extra leg room? Is hand luggage enough or do you need a suitcase to go into the hold? Do you need priority boarding?

All these extras soon add up, making the initial price that grabbed your attention to begin with, no longer so cheap.

All the ‘budget’ airlines have their own prices for any of the extras mentioned above. Ryanair has hit the headlines once again with more changes expected to be in place by November 2018, this comes just a few short months after the last changes to their baggage policy, which came in force January of this year. Ryanair has cited that the changes will prevent flight delays but more sceptical travellers believe the changes are only to line the pockets of the airline.

If you decide you use any of the ‘budget’ airlines, it is always recommended that you read all the fine print before deciding which company is offering the best deal.

Time To Exit Timeshare?

If the cost of your timeshare is already causing you financial difficulties then flight costs really aren’t going to help you, but there is something that you can do about it. Contact Timeshare.Lawyer today on 0800 023 9032 to discuss how you can release yourself from the restrictions and financial responsibilities that timeshare brings. Maybe a timeshare exit is just what you need…

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