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We are sorry to report that the big boys of the timeshare industry are resorting to bullying and harassment of their once loyal clients.  These often-vulnerable clients are now coming to realise that the resorts where they thought they had friends and built relationships with onsite staff; are not friends at all!  They are quite the opposite, and are now calling and writing to the timeshare owners constantly and they are finding that they are treated with no respect, threatened into paying these “big men” the extortionate fees even after explaining the circumstances of their problems but sadly it falls on deaf ears.

Apparently, the Resort Development Organisation (RDO) now requires all of its members to have an exit policy/strategy that ensures cases in which factors such as ill health or age are an issue are dealt with sympathetically.  This is interesting because as we already know the RDO´s funding comes from the big names in the timeshare industry and unsurprisingly the ones we receive the most complaints about.

Only recently Mr L, diagnosed with very aggressive, life-threatening cancer contacted us on behalf of his elderly mother (79 years old and the named owner) who has late stage Parkinson’s disease; they wrote to their resort explaining their situation and including medical reports from both of their doctors, as Mrs L wishes to get all her affairs in order and doesn´t need the additional stress or worry to exacerbate her condition.  Also, her son feels he is not in any position to carry on the timeshare, so their intention was to ask the resort to allow them under the circumstances, to Exit.

They received an unsurprising response from the UK based resort, refusing their request contrary to the RDO requirements.  In their response they stated that although they were sympathetic, they could not take over the responsibility for paying the management fees.  They made them the following very generous offers:

  •         Reselling the timeshare; although of course no guarantees were offered and as we know they are not even selling on Ebay even though they are listed from as little as a £1.
  •         Find someone themselves to take over the ownership; ie. is there someone you dislike enough to pass this burden onto?
  •         Every 2 years owners can apply to terminate their ownerships by paying a fee (no doubt exorbitant), however they also state that the termination opportunity is not a guaranteed exit and is subject to the volume of owners applying.  The next ´window of opportunity´ for these lucky people is 2020 and sounds about as likely as winning the Lottery.

Interestingly their letter head quotes “widest choice, warmest welcome”, however all the unsuspecting clients who signed up to perpetuity clauses without the long-term implications being fully explained to them are now realising that they actually have no choice and there is nothing warm about how they are being treated!


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