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In our previous article we covered the two most common reasons why timeshare owners wish to be released from the timeshare contracts.  In this part we discuss other reasons for exiting, which are equally distressing and provide none of the ´peace of mind holidays´ you were promised at the time of purchase.


One of the big timeshare lies told by the sales people at the time of purchase was that the maintenance fees would only increase by ´a nominal fee each year´, or ´the rate of inflation´, however all timeshare owners have now discovered that this is total fabrication.  Having signed up to an agreement where they believed the fees were less than £100 per week, only to discover a few years later that they are now being asked for anything between £500-1000 per week.  If you are bold enough to query this with your resort  you will find they are not interested in what you were told by their representative its what you signed for that they keep harping on about, even though that contract bears little or no resemblance to what you thought you were buying.  The fact is you can now find holidays, all over the world, that will cost you almost the same or less than what these resorts expect you to pay, for what is now a tired and unkept resort.

Quality, Exclusivity and Facilities

This really goes hand in hand with the point above because although the maintenance/service fees continue to increase the standards of the resort do not.  Many owners have complained that their resorts are no longer 5*, not as pristine as when they bought and most of them are in dire need of renovating.  This begs the question, where are the resorts spending all that money that they are collecting in maintenance fees?  In addition to this timeshare owners were sold on the fact that their resort was exclusive, owners had a sense of pride about having their timeshare, all too often now these resorts are featured on online booking sites and the weekly rates are less than the owners pay in maintenance fees, now that is enough to enrage the calmest of owners!  When timeshare was at its peak it was all about luxury and therefore encouraging people to purchase; resorts had unbelievable facilities, like skating rinks, outdoor and indoor heated pools, cinemas, Turkish baths and very exclusive spas, however most of the resorts have either closed these facilities due to expense or just built extra rooms over them to try & bring in additional revenue.   Of course, none of these features, that were often the deciding factors in the decision to buy, were ever specifically included in any of the contracts or constitutions.

New Management and New Contracts

These changes don´t always spell disaster but more often than not we are told that maintenance fees have increased drastically when a new management company takes over in addition to this the new company may have great new promotional ideas with a view to invigorating its flagging ownership base but beware this can also mean that you are required to sign a new contract.  The thinking behind this change is that if their original contracts contravened the Timeshare Directives then signing a new one makes the old contract null & void.  More importantly, it may also involve you signing, usually unwittingly, a clause that prevents you from taking any legal action against the resort, but of course this is unlikely to be explained fully to you.

Finally, please do not think you are alone; seek expert advice or legal guidance on how to nullify your contract.  In addition to this, gather as much evidence and information regarding your timeshare, photographic evidence of the deterioration, written statements (signed), from other guests if they are willing to help you.  All of this will help you and our team to put the best case forward to assist you in Exiting.  Regardless of the specifics of your resort and your problems we will be able to guide you on the right path to resolution.

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