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From days past, you may be aware of the antiquated scheme of Timeshare ownerships, once a trendy, sought after product that worked brilliantly year after year has turned into a complete nightmare for so many.

When at its best, Timeshare ownership would allow you and your family to holiday in luxury settings with top class destinations, resorts and amenities available to you when you want.
With many different types of ownerships available from fixed or floating weeks, points to fractional ownership there are plenty of options to suit the keen traveller.

The basis being you purchase time at a resort during a particular week or month that is suitable to your family. You are then granted use of a specific room, apartment or villa during this time every year. You will pay a yearly maintenance bill so the accommodation is paid outright upfront but there may still be fee’s for maid services, parking etc. For a fee, you can join an exchange programme where you enter your week for that year and can travel to a different location or destination within their availability.

All in all you have a yearly holiday booked and paid for and all you are required to do is jump on a flight and go.

All sounds perfect right, until inevitably your circumstances change. Health, age, children grown up, fell on hard times… This is when the owner then realises that the contract they signed is biased in favour of the resorts, and that even if they can no longer travel they are still obligated to pay the yearly maintenance charges weather you use your allotted time or not. In the end times change, but the resorts do not take that into account and unavoidably the ownership will pass on to your family members due to the perpetuity clause included, therefore your loved ones inherit a burden not a bonus.

More often than not we have seen the Management companies of these resorts imposing massive rises in yearly maintenance fee’s and due to the lack of availability, many owners struggle to afford, never mind use their timeshare.

Due to these points, owners across the globe are assessing their options in regard to termination of these contracts. With the industry fighting to stay afloat, the whole Timeshare scheme has fell into disrepute with the buying public.

Many companies are popping up out there with offers to buy, sell or exit the ownership for you, but at a cost of course, so beware.

What Does the Future Hold

In these changing times, meeting the needs of holiday makers is key. With family dimensions daring to be more adventurous and branching out to visit diverse destinations, makes it difficult to please everyone involved.

With holiday options evolving we look at the alternatives to the normal package holiday. More and more travellers are choosing to tailor make the holiday that suits them.

The internet and growing technology has given us the tools to search and find the best possible options out there, even the quirky and unconventional. With so many options available aside from typical hotels why not try something a little more unique.

Airbnb launched in 2008 and has taken the world by storm. Working as an intermediate between those who want to rent out their extra space to travellers who are looking to rent a space. With options of being hosted by the home owner or renting the entire property and with over 190 countries to choose from what ever destination you are visiting there will be an Airbnb residence close by which may save you some cash on a fancy hotel.

Flipkey is owned by Trip Advisor so even if you have never heard of Flipkey you will have heard of Trip Advisor over the years. Flipkey is very similar to Airbnb in the fact it rents single rooms within a property or the whole house for guests. With 300000 properties over 11000 city’s. Again plenty of suitable accommodation available at a fraction of the cost of hotel stay´s.
VRBO, Vacation Rental by Owners launched in 1996 and lists over a million properties worldwide. Also being part of the HomeAway family which also offers up many lovely holiday style rentals.

Watch out for duplications between the sites, also as sometimes the same property may differ in cost depending on availability on either site.

Homestay is a hosted accommodation with a genuine local experience provided while living with your host and immersing yourself in with the locals. With 55000 rooms over 160 countries your sure to meet some interesting people along the way.

All of the above have that unique experience and personal touch by allowing you to stay in someone’s home. giving travellers excellent ways to find accommodation all around the globe that range from basic to bliss and from budget to breath taking.