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Rise in Success As Owners Win Their Timeshare Claim for Compensation

We are pleased to see a recent boom in the number of successful timeshare claim for compensation cases this year. The Courts have ruled in favour of no fewer than nine claimant cases in the last few months, which opens the door to many more successes to follow.

One timeshare company, Krona, was ordered to pay £165,000 in timeshare claim compensation. Other cases have ruled against such big name travel industry companies as MacDonald’s Resorts, Club La Costa, Silverpoint, Anfi Del Mar, and Diamond Resorts. This is great news for consumers planning to raise a timeshare claim for compensation, as it seems that the Courts are increasingly recognising malpractices going on within the timeshare industry.

These cases represent just the tip of the iceberg of consumers who may be entitled to a timeshare claim. The rulings represent significant progress for those who believe they were mis-sold, meaning that they may have a legitimate legal right to exit from their timeshare contract, as well as the chance of a successful timeshare claim for compensation.

Winning Your Own Timeshare Claim for Compensation

Following the initial engagement of a timeshare lawyer, the timescale currently is around 18 months to a verdict. Though this may feel like a long time, all reputable timeshare lawyers will extricate you from your timeshare first which only takes a matter of weeks.  This process ensures there is no future financial liability, without waiving rights to a compensation claim – which is very important.  When the resorts “allow” an exit of the contract, it also ensures no future claim can be made against them.  Compensation claims mainly take so long, due to perpetuity contracts, which have been ruled to be illegal. It has been ruled that a timeshare contract can be no longer than 50 years, and no less than 3.

If you paid any deposit or other sums during the first three months, this is now completely illegal. If this was the case, then the timeshare company would be forced to pay back double that sum. You would also be entitled to a timeshare claim for all your maintenance fees, interest on loans, as well as any claim costs incurred in raising your claim for timeshare compensation.

Furthermore, if the words ‘own’, or ‘ownership’ appear anywhere in your contract, this is also illegal, and the contract will be classed as voidable. As well as in perpetuity contracts, floating week timeshare contracts are also illegal, and thus eligible for a timeshare claim.

These cases are proof, more than ever, of the value of pursuing your timeshare claim. It is becoming increasingly likely that you will be successful, as well as playing your part in bringing the misdeeds of unscrupulous timeshare companies to the attention of the public.

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