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More Successful Claims For Timeshare Compensation Against Silverpoint and Anfi

We have covered several recent cases in which claimants have won timeshare compensation against Silverpoint, Anfi, and other timeshare companies. Two big Supreme Court rulings have paved the way for hundreds more successful claims coming through the courts. Many of these cases for timeshare compensation against Silverpoint and other companies have come as a result of illegal ‘in perpetuity’ clauses, lack of cooling-off periods, floating weeks and points-based timeshare contracts. The contracts have been ruled null and void, and in many instances, claimants have received compensation for their trouble.

Timeshare Compensation Against Silverpoint

Even more cases have been successfully won this year so far. Silverpoint, for example, recently lost €90,000 in the Arona courts in Tenerife for their malpractice. Cooling-off periods were not adhered to, with Silverpoint taking deposits during this legally-defined period. They also were found guilty of issuing ‘in perpetuity’ contracts exceeding 50 years in duration, and even left out important contractual information.

Timeshare Compensation Against Anfi

Anfi, too, have suffered numerous losses in court. As well as being found guilty of some of the above malpractices, they were also found to have acted in a truly despicable way towards their members. In one case, the claimants were unable to use their timeshare from the date of purchase. They were told that they would have to pay maintenance fees before they could book, despite not having received a bill. When they finally received and paid the bill, they tried to book again. After waiting several weeks for confirmation, they finally called Anfi, who told them that there was no booking in their name, and now there was no availability.

Initially, the claimants in this Anfi case lost their claim. However, they persevered, appealing the decision in the Supreme Court. They finally walked away with €21,358 and all their legal fees paid. Another compensation claim against Anfi resulted in a payout of €12,344 plus legal fees paid, due to missing contractual information and floating weeks clauses.

Tip of the Iceberg

Though claims for timeshare compensation against Silverpoint and Anfi are certainly in the spotlight, these cases represent just the tip of the iceberg. Since those big Supreme Court rulings, we are seeing more and more successful timeshare compensation claims being won against timeshare companies and resorts big and small.

If any of the above seems familiar to you, or you simply feel you need someone to take a look at your contract and check it over, get in touch. We are committed to stamping out malpractice across the timeshare industry, so we are passionate about tackling these companies head-on.