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Timeshare compensation industry booming as Brits tackle illegal selling tactics head on

• 4,000 consumers have sought advice in 5 months from Timeshare Compensation

• Timeshare Compensation on track to deal with over 10,000 enquirers during 2017

• Timeshare.lawyers latest victory for Wyndham Owner see’s £13,006 awarded

Timeshare.lawyer’s latest successful compensation claim was for a British owner from Portsmouth. Timeshare.lawyer started the process for the client in March 2016 and he was awarded £13,006 in December of the same year.

The compensation was in respect of his two-bed floating week timeshare at Wyndham Resorts & Hotels, Orlando, Florida. The claim ruled in his favour agreeing the way in which the original timeshare was sold, the representations that were made by the resort in the sale of the timeshare to the client and the timeshare itself all warranted compensation.

The happy claimant said he felt “wonderful” to finally achieve the successful claim and agreed that he felt far less stress at no longer having the burden of his timeshare to worry about.

The UK’s timeshare compensation industry is experiencing a sustained boom, according to the experts at Timeshare Compensation.

The company has processed some 4,000 enquiries in the last five months alone, as increasing numbers of people realise that they may be eligible for compensation as a result of selling practices that have now been deemed illegal by the Spanish Supreme Court.

“While it is the courts in Spain that have taken a proactive role in ruling on illegal selling practices, it is owners around the world who are benefitting. Compensation is not limited to those who own timeshares in Spain – many of those who have come to us for advice and are progressing claims own timeshares in the US, Spain, the UK and elsewhere.”
Spokesperson, ABC Lawyers

The UK has a large timeshare industry, with both major players and small independent companies running developments up and down the country.

Timeshares in Scotland have proven particularly popular over the years, with owners keen to experience the beauty and serenity of the northernmost areas of the UK. Macdonald Hotels & Resorts is one of the UK’s largest timeshare operators, but there are also numerous independent companies in operation. According to the experts at Timeshare Compensation, it is these smaller companies which are fighting hardest when it comes to compensation claims.

“What is particularly interesting in 2017 is the disruption of the usual seasonal patterns when it comes to timeshare compensation companies. November to January is maintenance fee time, so those who’ve just paid their bill tend to be prompted to use their timeshare more, making March to June a prime time for usage. This means that April and May are usually a quiet time for timeshare compensation companies, but we’ve seen no drop off in enquiries so far this year.”
Jodi Beard, Marketing Director, Timeshare Compensation

The team reports being unusually busy for April, with a full appointment book for months ahead, indicating a substantial shift in the normal cycle.

If the current trend continues, the team will have processed over 10,000 enquiries by the end of 2017, with over 3,000 individuals taking their compensation claims to the next stage.

“It can take anything from six weeks to 12 months to pursue a timeshare compensation claim, due to the speed at which the legal system moves. Despite the length of the process, we’re seeing many more people come forward to find out about their rights, to understand mis-selling practices and to see if they are eligible for compensation.”
Belinda Rollins, Legal Support Manager, Timeshare.lawyer

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