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The Biggest Timeshare Law Court Cases So Far This Year

2017 is already shaping up to be a big year for claimants in timeshare law court cases. Some of the biggest timeshare companies have seen their reputations shattered, as case after case is ruled against them. Illegal contracts, misleading statements, and cold calling harassment, have all been brought before the courts, with claimants walking away victorious.

Increasing numbers of people are finally finding justice, with annulment of their timeshare contracts, payment of legal fees, or timeshare compensation being rightly paid out. So let’s take a look at some of the biggest timeshare law court cases so far in 2017!

1. Silverpoint

It’s hard to know exactly which case to choose here. Silverpoint has really been through the mill over the last few months, with case after case hitting the headlines. It seems that the timeshare giant has been up to all sorts of tricks.

There was the case of the elderly lady from England, who was erroneously told that she was buying an ‘investment’ in the Club Paradiso Silverpoint resort. But after one payout cheque, the company changed their tune. Instead, they informed her she had bought herself a timeshare contract and she’d have to take their holidays and pay maintenance fees. No more cheques.

Clearly there was a watertight case against them, but nonetheless it still took years for the lady to finally get justice. Her determination paid off when she was awarded €25,000 in timeshare compensation.

2. Diamond Resorts

In perhaps the most earth-shattering ruling of recent times, Diamond Resorts were ordered to pay a grand total of $800,000 in compensation to consumers. The company’s misleading sales pitches, untruthful declarations during their presentations, and endless list of lies about everything from maintenance fees to membership resales, amounted to some serious gross misconduct.

As well as the payout to consumers, Diamond Resorts has also had to put together a ‘relinquishment program’ so that other consumers affected by the company’s malpractice could also hand back their timeshare free of charge.

3. Caribbean Cruise Line

Thousands of people complained of cold calls on behalf of Caribbean Cruise Lines. This joint claim resulted in a total payout of up to $76 million to all those affected by the harassment.

It was found that the calls made were in breach of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (US), which were pushy, unsolicited, and persistent. For every one of those affected, the compensation payout works out at $500 for every single call made. And when that adds up to $76 million, that gives you some idea of the sheer amount of nuisance calls that were being made.

4. In Perpetuity Contracts

Endless timeshare law court cases have been won on the basis of ‘in perpetuity’ contracts, and so it’s hard to pin down just one. However, some have included Airtours Beach Club and Anfi, both of whom have been in the spotlight in the last few months for selling timeshare contracts that exceeded the legal term of 50 years.

Any contract that is over 50 years in duration has been ruled illegal, and this has led to many people realising that there is a way out of what felt like a life sentence. These recent successful timeshare law court cases may represent just the tip of the iceberg for what’s to come, as more and more people stand up and give these timeshare troublemakers exactly what they deserve.

No one should have to live with a mistake like buying a timeshare. And now, with so many being ruled in breach of the law, fewer people will feel trapped into expensive contracts they cannot afford or don’t want. We are pleased to see that the law is making it clear whose side they are on, and we look forward to helping more of you get rid of missold, misrepresented or illegal timeshare contracts and walking finally free.