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Why Timeshare Lawyers Are More Popular Than Ever

Timeshare law involves a strong expertise in contract law, as it is our business to comb through your timeshare contract to ascertain wrongdoing. It’s very serious work, reserved for those with years of training and qualifications. Yet it is work that timeshare lawyers do with pleasure, because we are committed to finding justice for those who have been duped by unscrupulous timeshare companies.

We have seen a surge in clients over the last few years, and this is partially down to the sheer amount of successful timeshare court cases that have been widely publicised. Often, timeshare holders are awarded compensation, either for the fees they’ve paid over the years, an for their legal costs. In most cases, people are freed from their timeshare contracts at the very least. It’s no surprise, therefore, that more people are finally standing up for their rights and putting timeshare companies in their place.

Recent cases, particularly in the Spanish Supreme Court, have seen claimants awarded thousands of pounds in compensation, nullified contracts, and repayment of all costs. Where people have paid deposits and other sums during the legal 90-day cooling off period, they have seen double that amount refunded.

Let’s look at a few examples of successful timeshare court cases, which are demonstrating the reasons why timeshare lawyers are taking on more cases than ever before.

Diamond Resorts

It was recently reported that Diamond Resorts have been ordered to pay $800,000 in compensation after a group legal case against the company was successful. Of this sum, $650,000 would go directly to the claimants, whilst the remaining sum of $150,000 paid the case’s legal fees.

Caribbean Cruise Line

In another joint case, Caribbean Cruise Line was ordered to pay up to a possible $76 million in compensation for conducting a cold-calling marketing scam. The claimants reported continued harassment and constant phone calls by the company, which put Caribbean Cruise Line in breach of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

For every single phone call the company made, they have to pay $500, which could amount to as much as $76 million.

Airtours Beach Club

The Supreme Court in Gran Canaria has heard the case of claimants who were locked into in perpetuity contracts with Airtours Beach Club. As well as over 47,500€ in compensation, the claimants received double their deposits back, as these were paid within the 90 day cooling off period. Both of these factors made the contracts illegal, and thus null and void. Equally, all the claimants’ legal fees were paid in full.

There are so many cases like these coming through the Courts, it’s clear that the law is fully behind us. As such, engaging a timeshare lawyer to handle your case is an excellent option, which is likely to lead to positive results.

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