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Timeshare.lawyer has always been known for its strong, female team, helping timeshare owners exit heir ownership as well as assisting in the pursuit of compensation for people who were miss-sold their timeshare.

Now, their very own Belinda Rollins is hoping to help many others by raising money for two extremely worthy charities that are both important to her. These charities are Welsh Women’s Aid and Macmillan Nurse; both these charities are dedicated to supporting and helping people in need. 

Welsh Women’s Aid was established in 1978 and is a national charity that works to end all forms of violence and domestic abuse against women. The charity offers lifesaving services to survivors of violence and abuse.

Along with providing advice and support, Welsh Women’s Aid also campaign for changes to be made and deliver services including Live Fear Free Helpline, a National Training Service, the national Children Matter preventative project that supports children and young people in Wales and much more. For further information on this charity please take a look at this link www.welshwomensaid.org.uk.

The second charity Belinda has chosen to support is more widely known, Macmillan Cancer Support. The charity was founded in 1911 by Douglas Macmillan after watching his father die of cancer. He was so affected by his father’s pain and suffering that the started the ‘Society for the Prevention and Relief of Cancer’.

Macmillan has growth from strength to strength since the beginning and has won many awards over the years due to their dedication to helping cancer patients and their loved ones. The World’s Biggest Morning event began in 1991 with 300,000 people taking part, raising over £ 250,000 and this has now become an annual event.

Take a look at their website to see how beneficial Macmillan are to so many people www.macmillan.org.uk/about-us.

Belinda is planning to complete a 5-day survival course in the Scottish Highlands with the Bear Grylls’ Survival Academy.

Belinda will be funding the course and all travel expenses herself so all the money that she raises will be split 50/50 between Welsh Women’s Aid and Macmillan Nurses.

The survival course follows the same format of Bear Grylls’ TV Show ‘The Island’ and all people taking part will receive a crash course in survival techniques such as building a fire from scratch, developing navigational skills, foraging for food, wilderness first aid and crossing a range of difficult terrains.

This is going to an intense and grueling, once in a lifetime experience for Belinda who said, “This will be a demanding challenge that will not only be physically demanding but also emotionally straining”.

We at Timeshare.lawyer are very proud of Belinda´s ongoing mindset to help others in and out of work and have every confidence in her and her abilities to complete this with the same determination she puts into every project.

There will be many chances to support and donate Belinda over the next 5 months with fundraising days in the Timeshare.lawyer offices which will include dress down days, bake sales, raffles and much more. To support Belinda and keep up to date with her progress and training, please visit www.gofundme.com/survivalmacmillannurseswomensaid.

Good Luck Belinda!

The adventure begins at the Academy’s wilderness base camp situated in the heart of the Highlands. There is no time to waste as we head straight in to some basic survival skills training. First up is a session on Bear’s priorities of survival followed by survival knife skills

Day two starts with an early morning, military-style functional fitness session, which we link to a lesson in self-defence, self-preservation and primal instinctive training. After that you will undertake wilderness navigation training, learning how to find cardinal points and move without a map and compass across difficult terrain. Once you’ve mastered this, you’re off down the Glen on foot to a wilderness overnight location. On route, learn to collect, filter and purify water; forage for wild food, make and put out fishing drop lines and various traps and snares in the hope of catching your first wilderness meal. Once you arrive at our remote overnight spot, you have a lesson in shelter building before being given the opportunity to build your own survival shelter. Is it warm? Will you stay dry? Then it’s lessons BG-style, in fire lighting, rescue signals, river crossings, stalking and a workshop on improvised harnesses and knots. Finally, we finish the day with a night exercise and a lesson on astronavigation.

Hopefully you’ll wake up dry and warm if you’ve built a good shelter! You’ll need to use your new skills to make a fire from scratch, check the snare and drop lines… have you caught anything for a ‘wilderness’ breakfast? Now it’s time to learn how to cross difficult terrain BG style. The morning is the mountain training section, where we take you up on to the surrounding Munrosand use a range of mountaineering skills to traverse, climb and descend mountainous terrain. Following mastering the easy stuff, it’s time to cross extreme ground by use of ropes. Climbing, scrambling, tyroleanline traverse, classic abseil techniques, commando crawls, river runs, and river bank jumps are all on the agenda. After returning to camp late in the day, your training concludes with a lecture on wilderness/improvised first aid linked in with a motivational survival story. The rest of the evening is yours, to prepare for your time on the Island.

Final Exercise: Over the next 30 hours, you will move by foot, 4×4 land rover, speed boat and fishing trawler. You will climb, scramble, swim, wade, jump and crawl. Food and water? Who knows, let’s just say you’ll need to be putting all your new-found skills to good use!

Next day, are you warm? Dry? Have you caught and eaten anything?
Survival on the island is one thing but, have you got what it takes to self-rescue? Again, you will need all your energy, courage and determination to get back to civilization. There is no time to waste here, if you miss your window of opportunity, it’s a long swim back to the main land! If you make the pickup, what a ride back to civilization we have for you! If you are successful then we have the final passing out parade and awarding of the BG Survival Academy certificates and knives as well as drinks and just maybe, a decent meal!