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Timeshare property owners fight against void!

The holiday villas at luxury hotel, Sharm el Sheikh, EgyptMany timeshare property owners in Gran Canaria and mainland Spain have fought against illegal, void contracts and won their cases this year, according to a new report.

Timeshare.lawyer, a legal division of leading timeshare advice company SellMyTimeshare.tv, reports that timeshare property owners have finally got rid of their illegal contracts following a flurry of successful wins.

These cases were won after contracts containing illegal floating weeks or exceeding 50 years’ duration were declared null and void by Spanish jurisdiction.

Not only are many European timeshare property owners finally free from corrupt contracts, but many have received hefty compensation, with some awarded payouts of up to €130,000.

After years of suffering in silence, these holiday home owners have now been able to speak out, take action, and win their cases.

The Legal Support Manager of Timeshare.lawyer,  comments on the recent achievements: “The ground-breaking Spanish Supreme Court ruling in April of this year saw judges in every court empowered to rule in the client’s favour with regards to exiting illegal timeshare contracts and awarded monumental compensation, which most clients never dreamt of receiving.

“Timeshare.lawyer is seeing an upturn in clients contacting us for help, and we are able to turn around a nullification of their contract within approximately 15 weeks.”

Following these recent wins, it seems that more and more UK timeshare property owners are seeking advice regarding their circumstances.

Jodi Beard, the Marketing Director of SellMyTimeshare.tv, says: “It’s great to see such a rise in timeshare owners looking for advice. With so many successful cases this year, it’s no wonder we’re seeing record numbers of clients looking to bid farewell to their timeshare commitments.

“There are a variety of reasons why owners may be looking to sell their timeshares, as not all contracts are illegal. Issues such as ongoing costs, lack of flexibility, personal circumstances, or family factors can make keeping a timeshare unrealistic, and we are proud to be able to support those looking to sell or exit.”

If you hold rights to a timeshare holiday home abroad, contact SellMyTimeshare.tv for advice on your situation.

Rights to a timeshare property are usually sold to a range of customers, who will be able to use the holiday home for a set week each year. This can obviously be unsuitable for some people, who require a more flexible overseas property investment.

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