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Our Wins

Timeshare.lawyer’s latest successful compensation claim was for a British owner from Portsmouth. Timeshare.lawyer started the process for the client in March 2016 and he was awarded £13,006 in December of the same year.

Numbers of people realising that they may be eligible for compensation as a result of selling practices that have now been deemed illegal by the Spanish Supreme Court are rising daily.

What is Timeshare Release?

Timeshare release is the ability to successfully extricate any relationship with timeshare liability

What we do…

  • We are an independent firm that undertakes exits from timeshare contracts on behalf of individual timeshare owners.

  • We contract a network of solicitors, barristers, contract lawyers and paralegal firms who are also worldwide timeshare contract experts.

  • We act as your trusted partner to achieve your aims.

Can you get timeshare release?

Thanks to recent rulings in the Spanish Supreme Court and beyond, a wide range of timeshare contracts are now considered illegal and thus eligible for nullification. In a lot of these cases, successful claimants are being awarded compensation and refunds. So, it is definitely worth finding out if this applies to you.

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Your timeshare release check list:

  • Did you sign your timeshare contract after 4th January 1999?

  • Does your contract contains floating weeks (including holiday club schemes)?

  • Does your contract exceeds fifty years in duration, or has no contract term specified – or what is known as in perpetuity?

  • Did you pay any deposits or payments within 14 days of signing?

All of the above are situations in which compensation and/or return of sums paid is pretty much guaranteed.

In the case of prematurely taken deposits or payments, the timeshare company may be forced to return double the sum taken to you in compensation.

Even if none of the above apply to your case, then there are plenty of other ways in which timeshare release is possible. 

Fill in the below form and find out your rights and if you can qualify to claim back some of your lost money.

Customers with the following timeshares should get in touch with us straight away: 
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Timeshare.lawyer offers legal support and legal information to all timeshare owners.

The minute that you sign up to our timeshare cancellation service you needn’t pay any more management/maintenance fees (or any overdue fees). 
Since 2015 we exited over 4,000 ownerships, which has made us the largest company in the UK of our kind.

What our clients say:

“I was cautious at first about the substance of the guarantee. I have tried 2 or 3 other companies over the years to ask for help in my timeshare release and it was very insulting. After getting in contact with yourselves and getting the result I wanted, I thought that the timescale was good and everything seems to be going well. I have already recommended Timeshare.lawyer services to someone else. I think that you have been on top of everything.”    

Mr Horne

“The legal support advisors were very good and informative. Everyone answered all our questions, and we always received a reply. Ginny was very good with me, she always listened and never rushed me. The timescale taken met my expectations. I would recommend Timeshare.lawyer to other timeshare owners.”    

Mr Acres