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The Timeshare Scam Legal Case Won With No Trial

The scratchcard trick is one of the oldest in the book. But an unsuspecting British couple hadn’t heard of it when they were approached by a woman in the streets of Gran Canaria. Little did they know that they were about to find themselves having to launch a timeshare scam legal case.

The Tactics Begin…

Of course, when the couple scratched away the silver foil, the woman delightedly informed them that they had won alcohol and cigarettes. All they needed to do to claim their prize was to attend a ‘short’ presentation.

They were first shown around the resort and its facilities and told all about the supposed joys of owning a timeshare week there. The next step was the presentation… several gruelling hours of hardcore sales tactics that resulted in the couple taking out a second mortgage on their home in order to buy a week’s timeshare in the resort.

The couple didn’t actually return to the resort for a few years, partly because the exchange system was not as it was sold to them. In fact, they found that the resort was far from exclusive… anybody could book a holiday there!

Launching the Legal Case

Finally, they realised that they had been conned, and launched the timeshare scam legal case in 2014 against the company known as Aitours. In early 2017, a preliminary hearing took place in which the judge quickly ruled that the contract was null and void. Aitours (Blue Bay) was ordered to pay the couple back the 15,050 Euros they had forked out. It was so cut-and-dry that no court case was even necessary.

The judge explained that the contract the couple had signed was ‘in perpetuity’ because no end date was specified, which meant it was clearly illegal.

This is one of the most straightforward cases we have seen so far. The recent Spanish Supreme Court rulings have created an easy precedent for the timeshare scam legal cases that keep coming up. It’s now becoming even simpler for cheated customers to gain justice against timeshare companies, which is news we are obviously thrilled about.