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Unethical timeshare tactics victimising the vulnerable

Timeshare became increasingly popular in the 1980’s, with many people buying into the “next big thing”. The thought of having your very own “holiday home” was a real draw, knowing that you had the same apartment or unit at the same time each year convinced a lot of potential clients that they would be fools to miss out on this opportunity.

A huge number of people have come forward over more recent years believing that they were ‘duped’ into buying something that wasn’t ‘fantastic’. With harsh sales tactics, such sales meetings went on for many hours without breaks, food or drinks. Alcohol to lower people’s inhibitions and even convince them that their purchase was an investment for the future.

Lots of people were pressured into buying timeshare through unscrupulous sales techniques, which lasted hours in meetings with well trained sales representatives. It is even harder to comprehend that the unethical sales tactics were also used to bully vulnerable people to part with their money.

“It can be hard for anyone to admit that they have made a mistake. In the instance of buying timeshare after experiencing ‘hard’ sales techniques, the mistake isn’t yours, it is the error of the timeshare companies. Vulnerable people, such as people who may not be financially able to sustain the ever-increasing maintenance fees, elderly people or possibly disables people, may be less likely to come forward as they feel that its their own fault they bought the timeshare to begin with.”


Unfortunately, many vulnerable timeshare owners feel there is nothing that can be done to help them. Some feel that because they lack financial resources, they must continue with the ownership of their timeshare at the detriment of everything else. Others are unable to travel to attend meetings due to their age or health issues and believe nothing can be done for them either. These are only a few of the problems that stop owners seeking the advice and support which they truly deserve.

At Timeshare.lawyer we speak to many clients with similar experiences and they are happy to find out that all necessary paperwork can be done over the telephone. By offering this service, vulnerable clients can go through the process of exiting from their timeshare and explore the possibility of claiming compensation, all from the comfort of their own home. It gives the clients a chance to discuss everything with their family and friends before signing and agreeing to anything. Another advantage of using Timeshare.lawyer’s services is that you only pay once your timeshare exit is achieved, this way you wont ever be out of pocket.

“Every one of the Legal Support Advisors at Timeshare.lawyer have been trained to the highest standard and understand that each case is different from the next. We want each one of our clients to feel confident with each stage of the process, so we go through everything step by step over the phone.”