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Though many timeshare holders have been incredibly happy with their timeshare over the years, have taken memorable and enjoyable holidays, and have been treated well by their resorts, other people are not so lucky. The timeshare industry has been marred by malpractice and devious, underhand tactics over the years, and as a result there is an unfortunate number of members for whom timeshare has become a burden and a source of stress in their lives. Even those who have had a happy experience with their timeshare may be ready to move on, only to find themselves bound in, seemingly unable to escape. Those experiencing a timeshare nightmare may also consider themselves stuck, not knowing which way to turn.

If you have decided that you wish to say goodbye to your timeshare, for whatever reason, you may have already discovered that it’s easier said than done. Though there are some good timeshare companies out there who will help you through the timeshare exit process, there are many others who make timeshare cancellation a nightmare.

Is It Possible To Exit Timeshare At All?

Most people with a timeshare are bound into very long-term timeshare contracts. Legally, these contracts can last up to fifty years (but not in excess of that duration). There are still contracts that illegally exceed this period, whilst even legal ones prove troublesome. Even a legal timeshare contract of forty-nine years may surpass a reasonable life expectancy for the holder, which has clear repercussions for probate and potential inheritors, who may not be willing to take on the timeshare after the holder’s death.

Regardless of the contract length, however, many people simply want out of their timeshare as they no longer want it or are no longer able to travel or afford the annual timeshare maintenance fees. This is perfectly reasonable. Timeshare is a huge expense which may be considered excessive for those who need to tighten their purse strings in other areas.

Extricating yourself from your timeshare contract is possible, regardless of what you may have been told by your timeshare company. The task of getting a legal timeshare cancellation, however, is not easy to do alone. That is one of the reasons that Timeshare.Lawyer exists.

Why Use A Timeshare Exit Specialist Rather Than Going It Alone?

Knowing that dealing with legal paperwork and unhelpful timeshare companies is stressful, our job is to take the stress from you and handle your timeshare cancellation on your behalf. There are many facets to timeshare law that require experience and skill to negotiate properly. Equally, timeshare contracts can take many forms, from the tricky to the downright illegal. Knowing the difference between a confusing contract that may be entirely above-board and one designed to obfuscate the minutiae of dubious small print takes a trained eye.

We are not solicitors, but we work closely with trained lawyers where necessary. However, direct legal counsel is not always required in order to exit our customers from timeshare. Our industry knowledge, connections, and experience are what allow us to swiftly, efficiently exit timeshare for hundreds of unhappy timeshare members every year.

Avoiding Timeshare Law Scams And Tricksters

It is important, at this point, to address the issue of fraudulent timeshare exit firms. Like underhand timeshare companies, there are fraudsters out there who target timeshare holders with the promise of an easy timeshare exit. There are many cases of these kind of fraudsters taking money for their ‘services’ upfront, only to disappear into the sunset with no services rendered. Whilst it is usual for an upfront fee to be charged (despite some reports, it is necessary to take some form of payment in order to begin work), it is not normal for a timeshare lawyer to contact you unsolicited, without you requesting it. Nor is it normal for somebody to contact you out of nowhere telling you they have a ready buyer for your timeshare. You should be aware that you should only trust established timeshare law firms that you contact yourself, that are well-known and have verifiable testimonials and support of official regulatory bodies.

Will I Have To Go To Court?

You may be worried that enlisting a timeshare lawyer to exit timeshare may result in you having to attend a court hearing in another country. Rest assured that this is absolutely not the case. We handle cases ourselves every day with no need for clients to attend proceedings. It is highly unlikely that you will be called to appear in court – this is only necessary in the most severe criminal cases. It does not cost extra to avoid appearing in court, as it is also highly unlikely that your timeshare legal counsel will be required to attend on your behalf either. Most timeshare legal cases are conducted remotely, with the judiciary simply determining a verdict from paperwork alone.

Why Should I Trust Your Timeshare Cancellation Team?

Though our work often involves having to deal with the darker side of timeshare, we make no secret of being believers in what the timeshare industry can offer. Though the timeshare industry has been marred by poor practice, we know that, when done right, timeshare gives hundreds of thousands of people across the globe happy holidays every year. We believe that, if we are able to eradicate the bad things going on in the industry, timeshare can be a better product and bring joy and happy holidays to everyone, as it was intended to do right from its inception as an industry, which was way back in the 1960s.

Because we are not anti-timeshare, but equally not affiliated with any timeshare company, our advice, and the work we do, is completely impartial. We know the industry inside out, what the pros and cons are, and the intricacies of timeshare law and regulations. We know the underhand tricks that are being played by some timeshare practitioners and how to overcome hurdles put in the way of cancelling timeshare.

What About Bad Reviews?

Unlike some other companies in our space, we do not make it our business to defame other timeshare lawyers, knowing that when you do a job well, it speaks for itself – we don’t need to bring others down to raise ourselves up.

Because of the competitive nature of the timeshare and timeshare exit industries, it is not always possible to ascertain whether a company is reliable or not based on online reviews and press alone. This can make it incredibly difficult for you to make a decision about which timeshare exit firm to use. As mentioned above, some practitioners are prepared to do almost anything to tarnish the reputation of other firms, including falsifying reviews and publishing libellous articles. Your best course of action is to speak directly to the companies you are considering using – from this you should be able to deduce who you can trust using your own powers of intuition.

How Can I Tell A Good Timeshare Cancellation Firm From A Bad One?

A good timeshare exit specialist will prioritise giving you honest and impartial advice when you contact them, and will certainly not try hard to harangue you into taking legal action regardless of the specifics of your case. Of course, our main function at Timeshare.lawyer is to tackle timeshare legal cases, but that is not to say that we will bulldoze ahead without considering what the best course should be. After all, we want our clients to win their cases. The aim, at the end of the day, is to get people out of their burdensome timeshare contracts and achieve successful timeshare exits, not simply to rake in fees from desperate clients.

That’s why we do not focus on pushing our services on you from the get-go. Instead, we will listen carefully to all you have to say, ask you about your thoughts, feelings, and what you would like to achieve. We happily answer simple queries with no obligation, and will only offer our services where we feel it would help you. Unlike many other timeshare exit companies out there, we are here for you and you alone.

Our team of experienced timeshare legal professionals are hand-picked for both their expertise and their outstanding levels of customer service. It is important to us that the person dealing with your case listens to your individual case and needs, and treats you with the respect and attention you deserve.

Our entire ethos is built on truth and justice, about doing the right thing for our customers, and improving the industry with what we do. That’s why you can trust us to handle your timeshare exit and to help when the law has been broken.

If you need any help or advice about your timeshare in any capacity, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We will be happy to help set you straight on your rights and your options, and to put things right wherever it is needed.