British Wyndham Timeshare Holder Wins £13,006 in Compensation
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British Wyndham Timeshare Holder Wins £13,006 in Compensation

News has broken that a British timeshare owner from Portsmouth has finally achieved a successful claim against his timeshare resort.

Due to ‘floating weeks’ in his contract, the owner won his case against Wyndham Resort & Hotels in Orlando and was awarded £13,006. In this instance, the consumer only started his timeshare compensation case in March 2016 with a timeshare contract specialist company and by December 2016 the compensation had been finalised in his favour. The owner is now free from the burden and increasing maintenance fees of his Wyndham timeshare

Spanish Court Ruling

Since the changes in timeshare law made by the Spanish Supreme Court, there has been a huge increase in timeshare owners seeking advice about timeshare compensation, with some companies receiving hundreds of enquiries each week and this ruling has benefitted not only Timeshare owners within Spain but throughout Europe and the US.

Wyndham Resorts Reputation

This is not the first blow for Wyndham Resorts in terms of publicity, who have just been ordered to pay $3.4million to ex-CEO Mr Hanning in severance and were found guilty of unfair dismissal and ordered to pay an additional $20million. Much speculation surrounds Mr Hanning’s payment, suggesting that he may have known about other breaches that the company had made against the people who had purchased timeshares at this resort and this was paid as “hush money”. The reputation of the resort and its treatment of staff and customers is not looking good.

For anybody who is feeling they have been mis-sold their timeshare and want any further advice on whether they have a claim for compensation, we at can advise on how to proceed.