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If you are unhappy with your timeshare because you are paying out more than you can afford or not getting the service you paid for, then you’re probably wondering how to cancel your timeshare. You may be concerned about your contract, or suspicious about whether your timeshare was legal in the first place.
There will be questions that you ask yourself:
How do I get out of my timeshare?
Who can help me?
You may feel hopeless, even that there’s no way out but rest assured, this is far from the case. The sooner you deal with your timeshare problems head-on, the sooner you can exit.

Be prepared & Check Your Contract

Ensure you have all the contracts that you signed. If you can’t find all your paperwork, recent data legislation has meant that in Europe, you can request this information and the resort/company need to provide it by law. This is called a Subject Access Request (SAR’s).

If you do have your timeshare purchase agreement/contract, then have a good look through all the documentation. Have you got the whole contract, or does it feel like there are bits missing?
Can you spot anything that doesn’t look quite right? Often, these contracts are full of confusing legal language that is designed to confuse and deter you from investigating further. The best thing to do is to hand your contract over to a timeshare expert who’ll be able to evaluate it in depth.

Now, it is time to think back to when you bought the timeshare

It is a good idea to take some time to sit and write down everything you can possibly remember about the time when you bought your timeshare. Write as much detail as you can about every aspect of the day. Go through old notes and diaries, if you have them, to help garner as much information as you can.
How were you approached (on the street, by post, a flier, telephone call, onsite)?
Can you remember the things they told you to persuade you to attend – (free gift, money, free holiday)?
How long were you told the presentation would last & what was it about?
Were you put in a high-pressure sales environment, enduring a lengthy timeshare presentation followed by an intense grilling by a sales rep? Were you given alcohol or food? How did you pay?
Did they make promises to persuade you to buy, which didn´t materialise or later turned out to be untrue?

Once you have answered all of the above, it is time to find yourselves a timeshare expert to help you through the quagmire of paperwork and legal documents there are some important things to remember:

1. Don’t Tell Your Timeshare Resort
Whatever you do, do not alert them that you’re filing an exit against them. This will make them initiate intimidation tactics to put you off. They will tell you all sorts of things which may not even be true just to avoid coming under legal scrutiny and of course because they do not want to lose your maintenance fee income.

2. You Are Not Alone
There have been countless cases in recent years where even the biggest timeshare companies have been brought to task in the Courts, namely RCI, Silverpoint, Anfi, to name but a few. They have all found themselves subject to negative publicity, forced to hand out timeshare compensation, and thousands of timeshare contracts have been nullified.

3. Exit possibilities
Be aware, it may not be possible to exit from some Timeshare Contracts and also many do not require an exit strategy.

If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to get help. Going it alone is simply not an option. It is important to have a good timeshare knowledge of the business and the law surrounding it, in order to mount a case that stands a good chance of success. Unless you are a lawyer or are prepared to put in many hours & days and probably late nights learning about it, taking timeshare companies on yourself is not a good strategy.

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of having experts in timeshare assisting you. That is why we do what we do. We have endless experience with timeshare companies and know all their tricks and the strategies they use.

On a daily basis our Legal Support Advisors answering calls to our helpline are asked “How do I get out of my timeshare?” Contact us for accurate and impartial advice.