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The idea of having regular holidays in paradise year after year is a huge reason why many people purchase timeshare. Knowing that they will never have to scour the internet or visit a travel agent again to find the perfect holiday is great for a lot of people. The timeshare industry get people interested in buying timeshare by raving about all the positives in timeshare, such as, being able to make lifelong friends that vacation at the same time as you every year, your timeshare resort is like a second home and even that timeshare is something that you and your family can enjoy for many, many years to come.

Because timeshare companies are all about making a sale they are very unlikely to go through any of the cons of owning timeshare. There is quite a lot that the timeshare companies don’t actually want you to know about. Here at we feel that everyone should be given incite to the secrets and scam that timeshare companies are trying to hide.

Timeshare is not an investment

Timeshare companies lure many consumers with the promise that buying timeshare is a good investment when in fact the complete opposite is true. It has been reported that timeshare actually loses 50% of it’s value the very second that you buy it.

You can rent out your timeshare for profit

When purchasing timeshare you may be told that if for some reason you can’t use it one year, you will be able to rent it out to someone and potentially make some money. Again this is not found to be the case. Many people looking to go away on holiday can actually find accommodation within your timeshare resort and pay less for it.

You will be part of an exclusive club

People love exclusivity, it makes them feel special and that is why timeshare sales reps will tell you that buying timeshare makes you part of an exclusive club. Many people have purchased timeshare with this in mind, but soon lived to regret it, as when they arrive at the resort they find that just about anyone can book to stay there.

When doing a comparison, timeshare is a great deal

To offer further enticement, many sales reps will do a price comparison between your current holiday as a whole and the cost of a timeshare on a yearly basis. What they tend to omit from that calculation is the cost of travel to get to your timeshare each year.

By purchasing today you will get this great price

Timeshare companies encourage their sales reps to say whatever necessary to make the sale. If you are interested in making a timeshare purchase but need some further time to think things through, many reps will try to convince you that the price is a ‘one-time’ deal and it could increase if you don’t sign on the day. This is unlikely to be the case but if the price does increase it is best to know that you are fully comfortable with your decision. Paying a little extra is nothing compared to having peace of mind.

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