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3 Things A Good Timeshare Lawyer Will Refuse To Do

There is a difference between a good timeshare lawyer and a bad one. If you are embarking on a timeshare legal claim, it’s important that you hire the services of a good one. But how can you tell which lawyer is good and which is not?

Here are three things that a good timeshare lawyer will refuse to do:

Enter any sort of relationship with a timeshare company

A good timeshare lawyer must be independent from any timeshare company. It’s the only way that you can be sure that they are putting your interests first.

Some timeshare companies have their own team of lawyers on retainer. When they learn of your dissatisfaction and potential compensation claim, it is possible that they will try and ‘help’ you by suggesting a lawyer. Don’t believe them.

Always be sure to check where your lawyer’s loyalties lie. This can be done through a little online research and by asking the question directly to them. At that point, by law, they have to tell you the truth.

Force you into a decision

A timeshare lawyer is supposed to advise you on your case and represent your interests if you choose to press ahead with a legal case. What they should not do is force you to make any decisions.

Whether it’s accepting some form of out of court settlement or simply be forced into agreeing to terms you’re uncomfortable with, you should always find new representation. Only make decisions that you are happy with.

A good timeshare lawyer will never force you to do anything. They will advise you to the best of their knowledge and then plead your case in a manner that you are mutually agreed on.

Guarantee a Winning Case

Any timeshare lawyer who says that they can guarantee a win should not be trusted. There are no guarantees.

A good lawyer will advise you on the probability of a win and suggest ways in which success could be achieved. What they will never do is promise a victory, no matter how clear-cut your case may seem. If they do, you have good cause to question their reliability.  

It’s not easy to pick a good lawyer from another, mainly because they all want you to believe they’re good. But if you bear these three things in mind, they can be a useful guide towards making a safe choice.