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There is no ‘one price fits all’ when it comes to timeshare. The price of timeshare can vary due to a variety of reasons. Here at Timeshare.lawyer we have detailed some of the factors that determine what the cost of timeshare can be.

Timeshare Resort Quality

The quality of the resort and timeshare unit, as well as the size of the actual unit, is definitely a factor. This is similar to using hotels and other holiday resorts, higher quality rooms and facilities, along with star rating and standard of service all affect the price that you are going to be paying.

Timeshare Destination

It’s not just the quality of the resort that needs to be taken into consideration, the destination of the resort is important too. A destination’s popularity plays a huge part in the cost of timeshare and you also need to take into account the destinations currency. The strength or weakness of the country’s currency can cause prices to differ quite substantially.

Timeshare Week

Another important factor in the cost of timeshare is the actual week that you purchase. The price of a timeshare week can increase or decrease depending the time of year you are looking to be away. Things like school holidays and weather determine when ‘high seasons’ are, so you may find that owning a timeshare week during school holidays in the summer is more expensive than going during cooler months when all the kids are at school.

Timeshare Add-Ons

Some timeshare memberships offer optional, additional products that can potentially increase what you are paying. An ‘add-on’, like signing up to an exchange program, will mean that you are paying more for your timeshare.

Timeshare Maintenance Fees

Another ‘cost’ for timeshare that many people overlook is maintenance fees. When you first purchase your timeshare you will have had to pay an initial fee but the payments don’t end there. Maintenance fees are then generally paid annually, whether you use the timeshare or not. Many people have reported that these fees can increase quite dramatically year after year.

Timeshare.lawyer we are aware of many timeshare owners who are more than happy with the cost of their timeshare and feel they fully benefit from what they pay. Unfortunately, we have heard from a lot of timeshare owners who are not only struggling to keep up with yearly costs, they have also realised they aren’t receiving the full benefits that made them initially make the purchase.

Some of these unhappy timeshare owners have come to realise that if they had refrained from buying timeshare and booked holidays on an individual basis, online or through a travel agent, they could have potentially saved money.

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