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It’s a common question that most timeshare owners ask.

There can be many reasons that timeshare owners can no longer use or no longer want their timeshare. Circumstances can change over the years. We all get older, our health deteriorates, we want to go somewhere different, or the maintenance fees are just getting too much.

Whatever the reason might be Timeshare.lawyer are here to help, when your timeshare resorts wont!

At the end of the day, when you purchased your timeshare, you signed a contract or an agreement, which is legally binding. This means that you can not just call it quits and hand it back when you don’t want it any more. There are legal steps that need to be taken.

Generally, the timeshare resort will not just take your weeks back, because of the administration charges, maintenance charges, transfer of ownership charges and time that it will take to terminate your contract. It’s not an easy task.

One of the main reasons that the timeshare resort won’t take back your weeks is because of the maintenance fees, if they let everyone hand back their timeshare weeks, they would then be liable for the maintenance of those weeks. From a business point of you, this is just not a feasible option for any timeshare resort.

As a timeshare owner, you can still have the resort marketing and sales team contact you, another opportunity for the timeshare company to make money. As your circumstances may have changed, you may need an extra week, an upgrade, or even a downgrade, all of these options would cost you money, which they would not like to lose out on.

The timeshare company would never easily give up an opportunity of any future sales that you may be interested in and to them, if you are not happy with your timeshare, you always have their alleged resale option, again another way for them to make some money.

There may be circumstances where clients have been able to give their timeshare back to resort. This where available would be your responsibility and liability.

If you know of anyone who has managed to hand their timeshare week/s back to their home resort, they would may have had to sign another agreement which states that they can not file for compensation. After all of the money timeshare owners have put into their timeshare, it would only be fair to get something back from it.

This is why Timeshare.lawyer give you the opportunity to exit your timeshare contract with us, where we take away the stress from you, make sure it has been fully exited legally and also to give you the chance to try and claim back come compensation monies.

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