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Do You Really Need a Timeshare Lawyer?

The short answer is yes. The long answer, of course, involves giving you the reasons why you do need a timeshare lawyer if you plan to mount a successful case.

Cheated timeshare holders the world over are now finding justice against unscrupulous timeshare companies. There are more and more cases of successful claims against illegal or misleading contracts coming out by the week. So taking your case further is certainly a good idea.

You Need A Timeshare Lawyer Because You Are Not One

The main reason why you need a timeshare lawyer is that timeshare law is complicated. You may have already gathered, from looking at your timeshare contract, that the legal language used is confusing at the best of times. Without legal training, it is very difficult to even make sense of it, let alone pick out irregularities.

What’s more, unless you are an experienced timeshare lawyer yourself, it is unlikely that you will know precisely what to look for. Inconsistencies in the way things are worded in a contract, and clauses that are illegal, are what a timeshare lawyer is trained to find.

Knowing The Games They Play

Beyond the contract itself, there is also the issue of how a timeshare company behaves when it knows it has been rumbled.

Intimidation tactics, further lies, and bogus counterclaims are just part of the timeshare company’s arsenal when trying to make you back down from your case. Unless you know what they are bluffing about, and what is a real threat, you could be led down the wrong path by the company. This is another reason you need a timeshare lawyer behind you.

Save Your Stress

Living with a troublesome timeshare is stressful enough, but untangling your contract, dealing with the tactics of the timeshare company, and finding the right forms to fill in can be just as bad.

Do you really have the time and energy to spend on what could be a mountainous task? Rather than trying to learn what takes timeshare lawyers years of training in a few months, it’s better for your sanity, and for your case, that you let the lawyers handle it.

Forget The Cost

Many will be tempted to try and avoid legal costs by taking on the case themselves. This is understandable, especially when you have already lost vast sums in maintenance and other fees charged by your timeshare company. But the truth is that you need a timeshare lawyer if you are to stand any chance of success.

Along with dealing with all the above details, you stand a much better chance when you have legal representation. This is the case with any aspect of law, and timeshare law is no different.

If it is the cost that’s worrying you, then don’t let it. Where your case is successful, there is a high chance that your legal fees will be paid as part of the settlement. When a timeshare lawyer reviews your case before taking it on, they will be able to tell you your chances of success. No lawyer likes to lose, and any reputable one will never take on a case that they don’t think could succeed.

Always seek out a timeshare lawyer who has a reputation for success and honesty. There are many con artists out there who prey on vulnerable timeshare holders who are desperate to see the back of their timeshare. Don’t let yourself become a victim, and research carefully before picking a timeshare lawyer that you trust.

If you still have questions about whether you need a timeshare lawyer to help fight your corner, get in touch. We will offer you honest, friendly advice from legal experts with years of experience in timeshare law cases like yours.