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I’m Being Sued By Timeshare Resort: What Should I Do?

We often write about the many cases of timeshare holders suing timeshare companies in Court. But in this article, we are going to discuss what happens when the tables turn, when your timeshare company comes after you.

Under what circumstances could you find yourself being sued by timeshare resort legal teams? Well, the most common reason is for failure to pay fees due to the resort. We know all too well that timeshare maintenance fees can be extortionate, rising year on year over and above inflation and often become completely unaffordable. It’s no wonder, then, that people find themselves unable, not to mention unwilling, to pay.

There is nothing more stressful than not being able to pay your bills. Failure to pay any kind of bill can result in a negative impact on your credit rating and is usually also accompanied by relentless calls and letters demanding payment until the outstanding sum is settled. If you are under financial pressure and incapable of paying, most companies to whom you owe money will work with you to set up a suitable repayment plan. Not so the timeshare resort.

Ruthlessness is widely documented throughout the timeshare industry. From the timeshare presentation through to the moment you try and leave, you’ll be met by a brick wall of persistence and pushiness on their behalf. So if you find yourself in the position of being sued by timeshare resort companies, it’s not going to be pretty.

Avoid Being Sued By Timeshare Resort

The obvious way to avoid such a situation is, of course, to keep up those maintenance fee payments, regardless of how you feel about your timeshare or the company itself. Even once you have resolved to dispute your contract in Court, we usually advise people to continue paying those fees. After all, taking a timeshare company to Court can be stressful enough without the threat of being sued by timeshare resort companies at the same time!

What If You Cannot Afford It?

If you are simply not financially able to meet those maintenance payments, you must take action immediately. You will need to start by putting together a detailed spreadsheet listing all your monthly income and outgoings. You will also need to engage a specialist timeshare legal expert to help you once those threatening letters start rolling in. But whatever you do, the most important thing to remember is to try and keep calm and not let the situation drive you to despair. As relentless as the timeshare company will be, it will be alright in the end.

Once you have legal help behind you to advise you on what to do when you’re being sued by timeshare resort companies, you can hand the nitty-gritty over to them to deal with. One of the key aspects of what a timeshare lawyer does is to assess your timeshare contract for any illegitimate clauses that may help you get out of your contract, which will make it easier to avoid paying fees you simply cannot afford. They’ll also be able to advise you with any other aspects of your case along the way that could help unburden you from your timeshare agreement.

What If They Are Suing Me For Something Else?

If the reason you find yourself being sued by timeshare resort companies is not to do with payment of fees, then a different course of action applies. Nonetheless, one thing remains certain: if you are being sued, you need legal representation immediately. It’s unusual for timeshare resorts to raise a legal case against you on anything other than a financial matter, but there are some less scrupulous resorts out there who may try to do so. This could be on anything from the condition that they say the unit was left in, to some sort of failure to comply with the rules of your contract. Whatever the reason, you are likely to find that you are up against a company which is much bigger than yourself. Just as you would in any situation where legal action is being brought against you, legal advice is paramount.

If you are being sued by timeshare resort companies, then you need to take action straightaway. With the number of cases being won against them, most timeshare companies are running scared, and some may employ intimidating tactics to avoid encountering any further resistance from their members. But, as we always say, as timeshare holders we must unite together if we are to counter the shady tactics of timeshare companies and to improve the industry as a whole for all of us.

To gain advice on your timeshare situation, get in touch with our team of expert timeshare lawyers, who will be able to walk you through your rights, and the next steps for putting your timeshare to rights.