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There are several different kinds of timeshare memberships. Timeshare points is just one of these, and has proved a very popular way of being part of the timeshare community for a number of years. But it’s not always the best choice, and it’s important to be aware of the pros and cons.

So, are timeshare points a good idea? Let’s investigate…

The timeshare points system is similar to another kind of timeshare membership, known as ‘floating weeks’. With floating weeks, a buyer can reserve their own time to use the unit every year. On the plus side, this means more freedom than a ‘fixed week’ timeshare, in which you are bound to use the unit on one specific week year in year out. On the other hand, it can be difficult to secure the week you want, as you’re competing against other members for that period of time in the unit.

A points system offers the same flexibility in weeks… in theory. However, again, you are bidding against other members for your week, on a first-come, first-served basis. You accumulate points from buying into a particular property or by buying them directly from the club. Those points can then be used to swap your ‘home’ resort for others in different destinations.

Many points club members find the system doesn’t necessarily work in their favour. There are widespread reports of members being unable to book the week or destination they desire, even when trying to do so far in advance. The promises they’ve been made on purchasing their membership do not come to fruition, and they are either unable to secure the week or destination they want, or find themselves unable to book their timeshare holiday at all. Whilst it certainly works for some, there is a substantial risk involved in a timeshare points membership.

The main issue is the value for money aspect of a timeshare points membership. In many cases, it would be much more cost-effective not to be a member of a timeshare system at all, and simply to book your annual holidays freely of your own accord.

Some people really do enjoy the stability they get from their timeshare points membership, and enjoy the options it offers them. However, bearing in mind that many others come away disappointed, it is worth thinking hard about whether a timeshare points membership is really right for you.