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Because our business is to help people when timeshare goes sour, most of our blog posts seem sometimes to focus on the bad side of the industry. However, there is another side to the story, the side with thousands of happy timeshare holders who enjoy and are happy with their timeshare. We believe in timeshare, in principle, for its ability to provide outstanding holidays and lasting memories that people cherish. That’s why we feel the need to clean up the industry, unearthing all the problems with a view to setting them right, so that the future of timeshare can be brighter for everybody.

1. Predictability

The main thing that attracts people to timeshare is the predictability and stability that it offers. Knowing what you’re getting when you book your holiday is appealing, particularly if you’re one of the many people who have been disappointed by holiday accommodation in the past. Some people also like knowing when they will be going every year, allowing them to organise themselves around a specific timeframe for their holidays.

2. A Home From Home

Timeshare units often offer more than your usual hotel room. They may be larger, more like a holiday home than a hotel, and include a kitchen and other utilities you wouldn’t usually get.

3. Flexibility

Although the benefit of having a fixed unit in a fixed destination appeals to many timeshare members, there are also those who like the opportunity to be part of an exchange programme. This allows you to exchange your timeshare week or unit with another at a different resort and/or destination, meaning you can be assured of the quality from an affiliated resort or even upgrade to a better unit than you’re used to with timeshare points.

4. Deeded Timeshares

Deeded timeshare is probably the most desirable, as it means you actually have ownership of the property itself (for your allotted week), rather than ‘right to use’ which is the more common form of timeshare.

5. Stress-Busting

Though timeshare is not an investment and will never increase in value, the peace of mind and stability it offers can be a godsend for people who find booking a holiday a stressful process. Whilst many worry about passing their timeshare on to their children, others see it as a nice thing to inherit, and if a family have been visiting the resort every year for a long time, it becomes a ‘part of the family’ in a way.

So, it’s not all doom and gloom for timeshare. It’s only when it goes awry that it can be more of a burden than a blessing. That’s not to say you shouldn’t think extremely carefully before committing yourself, for a commitment it is. It’s a long-term commitment that comes with a significant price tag. And if you are unhappy with your purchase, it’s not easy to go back. But if you think you can weather the storm, you may find yourself within the happy number. Just know that we at Timeshare.Lawyer are always here for you if something untoward crops up.