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Can I Get Timeshare Release?

Many people are unhappy with their timeshares – perhaps more than are happy with them. But sadly, so many are just soldiering on, unconvinced that timeshare release is really possible. To those people, we stress that this is absolutely not the case. Release from timeshare is almost certainly possible – and it will cost you nothing to find out.

There are many situations in which timeshare release is cut and dry. Thanks to recent rulings in the Spanish Supreme Court and beyond, a wide range of timeshare contracts are now considered illegal and thus eligible for nullification. In a lot of these cases, successful claimants are being awarded compensation and refunds. So it is definitely worth finding out if this applies to you.

Certain Timeshare Release

If you signed your timeshare contract after 4th January 1999, and any of the criteria below apply to you, then you can take your timeshare company to court, gain timeshare release, and perhaps compensation too.

  • If your contract contains floating weeks (including holiday club schemes), then it is illegal.
  • If your contract exceeds fifty years in duration, or no contract term is specified, then it is what is known as an ‘in perpetuity’ contact and, again, illegal.
  • If you paid any deposits or payments within 14 days of signing, this was illegal.  If there are other illegal points in the contract, this period is extended to three months.

All of the above are situations in which compensation and/or return of sums paid is pretty much guaranteed.

In the case of prematurely taken deposits or payments, the timeshare company may be forced to return double the sum taken to you in compensation.

These factors will also lead to the contract being declared null and void, in which timeshare release is granted as a matter of course. This is because a void contract cannot be upheld and so is treated as though it never existed.